As you can tell from our blog, we are jet-setting fools. We have been taking on every opportunity possible to share our platform with the world. That is why Wideo has again left town. We have arrived in Barcelona, Spain to stir this country up with Wideo madness!

While we are here, we plan on making some connections and building those everlasting relationships with Wideo(ers) and bright minds alike! In midst of all of our traveling, we have been thinking…while we write to you, our faithful wideo(ers), we wonder if you really get to share the experiences with us about our journeys? We decided that we wanted  to share our adventures in another way, more visually and entertaining, I mean isn’t that what Wideo is all about?

Our solution, a new Tumblr photo/video blog, a place where we can share our stories but this time, with images. We want you to see what we see!  Also, if you have a Tumblr, follow us, because we would love follow you right back!

Well, we have much to attend to in our short visit in Spain, but when you have a moment, check out our latest posts on Tumblr!

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