Get more than 400k images with our new Unsplash integration

Thanks to our new strategic integration with Unsplash, you can search for images and insert them into your videos without having to leave the work area.

Why we’ve integrated Unsplash in the Wideo Editor

At Wideo we are constantly working on new ways to help you create better video content more easily and more quickly.

We know that image quality is a key element when creating a video that will achieve its goals successfully. What’s more, it’s time-consuming to have to open up new tabs, search for images using different sources, download the ones you like, and finally upload them to your video.

We’ve used Unsplash for a long time ago because we consistently find really unique high-quality images that span a wide variety of categories for our video marketing content creation.

That’s why we’ve trusted them to be our first stock image integration, giving you direct access to more than 400k free images right inside the Wideo Editor.

See how you can browse more than 400k images from Unsplash in Wideo

We’re really excited to join forces with Unsplash and give you more resources for your videos. The integration process went really smoothly thanks to their friendly dedicated help team.
Partnering with platforms like Unsplash brings Wideo one step closer to our goal of helping you quickly and easily create professional videos for your marketing purposes.

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