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We’re well into 2015, which has been named the Year of Video Marketing, so it’s time to revise your video strategy. Taking a look every quarter or so is a great way to making sure you’re hitting your video marketing goals. To help you ensure you’re up-to-speed on all things video, here are the top 10 video marketing stats for 2015 and what marketers can learn from each.

1. Online video now accounts for 50% of mobile traffic

What this means: Your videos must be optimized for mobile and you should consider using mobile video ads to promote your brand.

2. 75% of Business Executives Watch Work-Related Videos at least Weekly

What this means: Your execs are responding to videos really well, so consider making in-house weekly newsletter videos to communicate company news.

3. 52% of Business Executives Watch Work-Related Videos on YouTube at least Weekly

What this means: If you’re trying to get your video in front of an executive, even if you host it on Vimeo or Wistia, you must post it on your YouTube channel. If half of business executives are watching work-related videos, they’ll be seemingly more likely to see yours if it’s on YouTube.

4. 52% of Marketing Professionals Say Video is the Type of Content with the Best ROI

What this means: If you find you’re not getting a high yield in your marketing efforts, bump up your video marketing efforts. You may be spending too much time and resources in an area which should be allocated to video creation and publishing.

5. People Stay 2 Minutes Longer on Websites with Video

What this means: If you are making a marketing video, try placing it on your homepage and improve your bounce rate. The video can be on a splash screen if you don’t want it to take all the attention of your homepage.

6. Adding a Video to your Email Marketing Campaign Increases Engagement by 200–300%

What this means: You don’t need to create a full two-minute video to put in your email, but instead of putting your latest blog, make a 15-second promo video for your newsletter readers.

7. 96% of B2B Companies Plan to use Video in the Next Year

What this means: Many B2B companies make the excuse that video is only for B2C companies, but this is not true anymore. B2B video is growing exponentially, so it’s important for B2B marketers to include video in their campaigns.

8. 78% of people watch videos online every week

What this means: If your target market includes “people”, which I’m guessing it does, you really need to be using video…since people watch a lot of videos.

9. 65% of Video Viewers Watch More than ¾ of a Video

What this means: We’re watching videos for longer amounts of time, which means marketers can tell impactful stories that motivate the viewer.

10. 93% of Marketers use Video for Online Marketing, Sales, or Communication

What this means: If you’re part of the 7% of marketers not using video — you are missing out!
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