How do you know your personalized video has all the ingredients of an engaging experience that will inspire people to become customers?

We’ve rounded up the best practices of marketing videos designed to drive leads and take your business to the next level. Follow the links below each practice for resources on how to implement them.

What is personalized video?

Personalized video uses data such as name, email, and images to send video communication that has been customized to the viewer and their needs.

The idea behind personalized video is to capture people’s attention at the right moment in their customer journey with the right content. For start-ups, this creates many opportunities for getting ahead of the competition.

Weave personalization into the parts of your strategy that would most benefit from a human touch.

Branded images help people imagine the personalities behind your business and what they stand for. However, there’s no replacement for putting an actual face to the name.

Is there are landing page that people have to visit to get in touch with you? Try creating a video here that addresses a FAQ that people have. It helps them to make their decisions without having to leave the page; with video, you also get your point across faster. Most importantly, hearing a human voice during this crucial stage of the marketing funnel inspires confidence.

Need proof? After Wideo started using personalized video in our top landing page, conversions increased by 106%.

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Communicate your most important points in 5 minutes or less.

Whether your video is an explainer or simple team introduction, it should be engaging and relevant throughout its duration. Although there are no strict rules, the average length for an explainer (a video with a top-of-funnel, broad audience) is 90 seconds. For crowdfunding videos, that average jumps to 2 – 3 minutes. Mid-funnel videos such as recorded webinars can run 2 – 10 minutes. It all depends on your target and how complex your service or business is.

With personalized video, try starting with your most important point to hook the viewer faster. It’s typical for audience retention to drop steadily after the first few seconds, so you want to start strong and hold people’s interests with relevant information for the remainder of the video.

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Don’t forget the call-to-action.  

If you’re using a distribution channel like email, you will probably use an image of the video thumbnail that people can click to get to the web page where they will watch the video.

You will also want to include a CTA in the actual video encouraging people to take action—especially if personalized technology is part of your sales strategy. A personalized video lacking a CTA that prompts people to set up a sales meeting, submit a contact form, or complete a purchase, is a missed opportunity.

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