Wideo only featuring in your ‘About us’ section?

Then you’re missing out. Check out these examples of Wideo at its versatile best.

In our last blog, we talked about the effectiveness of video when it comes to engaging your audience and ran you through a whole host of situations where animation totally outstrips text-only communication.

Well now we’re boiling it down further. Thanks to Wideo’s expanding capabilities there’s a million different ways a Wideo can be used to impress clients and grow your business. We simply don’t have the time and resources to take you through the full million now, but here’s a fine set of examples of how Wideo can put those crucial advantages of video into action.

Customer testimonials

Bring company testimonials to life by sprinkling quotes, Tweets, press cuttings and more into a Wideo that shows just how well loved you are.



Intros and outros

Want to add some professional polish to your video output? Use Wideo to create re-usable templates for intros and outros. Just a simple animation with your company logo enhances the brand and lifts the quality of the whole production, but why not download the Wideo and combine it with some of your own footage in editing software to produce something like this?




In fact, the possibilities are endless. The fun, fully animated 40 second intro to this popular TV show could be achieved by uploading your images and animating them with Wideo’s built-in tools. Hone your craft and your Wideo could be quite special.

School workshops

Get your students making their own Wideos like these school pupils in Illinois (thanks for the heads up John!).

Source: Twitter @JohnFilippi

Not only will it hone their design and animation skills but it will make everyday subjects a lot more fun too. Why not run a competition and see who can make the best educational Wideo?

Sharable clips for social media

Wideo truly is a blank canvas. Don’t feel limited to presentation-style videos when you can create all manner of animated content  – like your very own GIFs that beg to be shared on social media.



That’s our Cacho getting a surprise drop in visit. Go ahead and create a GIF for each member of the organisation to make a truly memorable ‘Meet the team’ page for your website.

Animated CVs

Rise above those other applicants and land the job with a killer video CV. If you want to plant yourself in the memory of your prospective employer, this is how to do it. Perhaps it can go something like this:



In-house communications

Tedious inter-department emails should be a thing of the past. Share a punchy Wideo your colleagues will actually want to watch and see communication within your company blossom as a result.



Greeting clients

Cards in the post are all well and good, but wouldn’t a dedicated Wideo for special occasions impress your clients a little more? Show your organisation’s character and creative side when you send them your greetings:




The tools and animations at your disposal in Wideo are perfect for composing a tutorial video. Just upload some screen grabs, then pepper with your own annotations for a dynamic how-to guide.




Infographics have become essential in industries where data-heavy information is relayed, and you can make your infographics a cut above the rest with Wideo. Inject some movement and sound to your production to wow recipients and make the facts hit home.



Advertising apps

Show the world why they need your app or service in an attention-grabbing Wideo like this from our Buenos Aires compatriots, GoFiesta:



LCD screens

Perfect for your trade show booth or shop window, broadcast your company’s message and project your brand with rolling Wideos on an LCD screen.



Selling online

Advertising something on the web? A Wideo showcasing your items could make the sale that bit easier. Upload photos, annotate with information, and add some audio and animation for a bit of jazz to seduce online punters. Take this car ad for example:




If you want to the pull the right crowd into your event, it all begins with the invitation.  Wideo’s graphics can help you design something irreverent and funny, but equally something polished and professional – as our template below demonstrates:



The bottom line…

As you can see, the possibilities with Wideo really are endless. You could also use Wideos as promo videos, for e-learning courses, crowd-funding pages, advertising campaigns, foreign language classes, and more. The simplicity of the Wideo platform means there’s nothing stopping you, so go ahead and start enhancing every aspect of your creative and commercial output.

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