The Future of Wearable Technology at school is here!

Here’s how it could fit in your classroom

With all the hype around Google Glass, futuristic eye-wear is the first thing that springs to mind when most of us think about wearable technology, but this new wave of devices includes products for your hands, wrist, neck, ankle – you name it.

Crucially, this phenomenon arrives at a time when the education sector is more receptive to technology than ever before, as teachers across all subjects continue to incorporate new tech in their lessons  – just check out our recent blog on the flipped classroom for evidence and ideas. It should therefore be no surprise that wearable tech is being labeled the next major trend to hit our schools.

Here, our infographic breaks down the impact of wearable technology in the classroom and shows how you could begin taking advantage. So read on and get ahead of the game, you know your students already are.

wearable technology in the classroom

wearable technology in the classroom


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