Here we are, in the sunny, beautiful state of California…San Francisco to be exact. We are so excited to be here, not only to soak up the rays, eat at In-and-Out burger and hang with celebrities (Mr. Wideo), but we’re excited to show the world WIDEO!!!

If you have read anything related to tech lately, you already know that the tech world has virtually exploded with highlights from the TechCrunch Disrupt event, which is right where we are! It is a grand tech expo, held by TechCrunch that invites startups, investors, and overall tech nerds to scope out the latest and greatest in the startup tech world. The famous Mark Zuckerberg even came last night to speak!

Our goal, while we are here, is to build interest about our exciting product and show everything that Wideo can do! Of course, we can’t help ourselves from meeting new people, making great friends, and overall just having an awesome time!

Please stay tuned, we are so happy that you are here to share our experiences with us. We are trying our hardest to spread the word about our amazing platform, but you (our Wideoers) are the ones who have to power to tell the world about us!

Additionally, we were submitted into the Latin American Startups Challenge, here at the event, and to win, we need you (our Wideo(ers) to include this hashtag #wideo_vote into your Tweets all day, starting now!

If You Go To San Francisco

Please continue to follow us on our journey and share our wonderful platform with everyone!

Team Wideo

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