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How do I animate multiple scenes?

If you want to animate multiple scenes (which we recommend), then it is best to establish a general idea of what you want to create before you start your Wideo. Once ready, build out your first scene,

the background, text, and object(s) of choice. Now, click the scenes button to move onto the next scene and add the objects and text needed. Now, return to the first scene and

animate the objects and text starting from the beginning. Periodically press the play button to preview and finalize your animations between the scenes. Also watch how we animate in our step-by-step video.

Wideo Fact: It is best to create your scenes first and then animate last. This will ensure your animations to move seamlessly throughout the entire Wideo.

Can I upload my own pictures?

Yes, you can upload photos, logos, or any jpeg image. To upload, simply click the “upload” icon (which is located in the master tool) and select your file. Once you upload the image, it will be saved in the objects library under the “My objects” category where you can retrieve your image for your future Wideos.

Wideo Fact: We add new objects to the library every week so stop by Wideo to see what’s new. Or better yet, follow our #WideoFacts hashtag on Twitter for all of the latest platform updates.



Can I share my videos to YouTube?

Our platform is still in beta and we do not offer the share on YouTube feature…yet. Hold tight! Once we roll out the official platform, we will include YouTube video sharing. Currently, you are able to embed to your website, share on Facebook and Twitter, email the link, or watch it directly on the Wideo site!

How can I find the Wideo’s that I made?

Once you sign up for Wideo, you will have your very own profile. Here you have access to all of your saved and published Wideos. In the “My Profile” section you can edit your Wideos, preview, or delete them. Also, don’t forget to personalize your profile with a your own photo, which will be able to seen amongst the Wideo community. You can access My profile in the Wideo homepage to the top right, after you sign in one time, you will see your name saved to the top.

Can I save my Wideo and finish it later?

Yes! You can take as long as you need to make a Wideo. While working on your Wideo, just click the save button at the top right corner (next to Publish). This will save your Wideo for the next time you return to the site.

When you want to continue working on your Wideo, just go to your profile where you will see your unfinished Wideo. Once finished, don’t forget to click the publish button and share your Wideo.

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