Is your video marketing campaign struggling to get off the ground?

Follow these 7 easy steps to  boost viewability, engagement and ROI.

1. Embed. Everywhere.

Once you’ve produced the video, maximise value by making its presence felt. Use it on your site’s home page, inset it into blog posts, share it on social media, send it to industry peers – if the context is appropriate and the video can be embedded, do it. We know web users engage with video content more than written text, so don’t be afraid to get that video out there and give people what they want.

2. Optimise through metrics

Embedding your video here, there and everywhere is one thing, but the value of the exercise is lost if you’re not monitoring its performance. Check out where your video attracts the most clicks, how long your viewers are staying with you, and how often its converting clicks to sign-ups and sales. Once you have this intelligence you can optimise the content and distribution of future videos to yield maximum impact from your marketing strategy.

For much more on how best to use video metrics, check out our recent blog right here.

3. Give your YouTube channel some love

The home of your video content should naturally be your YouTube channel. Don’t have a YouTube channel? Then get cracking. Though just shoving all your videos into an account doesn’t cut it if you want your video marketing strategies to look coherent and professional.

Make use of YouTube’s profile features that help you divide your content into categories and promote some videos ahead of others. If you’re in the middle of a marketing campaign that is encapsulated by one flagship video, make sure this is the featured video at the top of your account’s home page. Ensure visitors to your channel can clearly identify your company’s message, easily navigating through the best of your video output.

4. Surround it with SEO-friendly text

When piecing together your video marketing strategy it’s easy to neglect the importance of old-fashioned text, but if you want your videos to be noticed, those classic SEO principles still remain. So make sure your video hosting pages are littered with key words, tags and all the other things your target audience may be Googling.

Taking that extra bit of time on analytics tools like Google Trends to find out the most popular search terms relevant to your product could make all the difference in making sure your videos are discovered.

5. Flaunt your product AND yourselves

If the product or service featured in your video can be demoed – do it! As internet entrepreneur Prerna Gupta explains in this excellent blog, one of her most successful video marketing campaigns came when her company demoed a new karaoke app themselves, singing in front of the camera. Not only could their audience clearly see the product being pitched, but having team members in front of the camera gave it a personable, engaging touch.

“I would demo beta versions of the app with videos and people would smile and clap,” Gupta says. “[Then] my CTO started demoing the app instead of me, with videos of himself singing badly…and boom. Our downloads started ramping up. The app started to sell itself, and we hit over 1 million installs that year.”

6. Nail down your call to action

A great video is one thing, but grabbing your audience’s attention has been wasted if there isn’t a strong call-to-action that encourages viewers to actively engage with your organisation. Maybe it’s an email sign-up, maybe it’s a purchase – either way a clear end goal for each view needs to be identified at the beginning of the campaign, and a call-to-action should be in place to meet this goal.

The video should take the viewer to the destination of your choice, so make sure an incentive is there and any links are clear and appealing.

7. But above all, focus on quality!

All of the above becomes redundant if the content of your video marketing strategy looks rushed, cheap, or both. Viewers could be turned off quickly and the whole project would have caused more harm than good to your brand.

If you haven’t got a big budget for video production, keep things simple so picture and sound quality can be prioritised. With Wideo, picture and sound quality is guaranteed every time and its usability means you don’t have to waste money on outsourcing either. Get started for free today by clicking the link below.

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