An Intro Video on your Landing Page that explains your value proposition is the best way to send visitors to the next stage of your funnel.



In this article, I will cover the steps to create your intro video using Wideo, a very easy to use intro video maker.



This will help you no matter whether you need a video for your own business (no previous experience required) or work for a Marketing Agency that provides this service to clients (and want to make more money).

First, some almost obvious facts

You will find information about important things to keep in mind in a lot of blog posts.

I will mention them briefly so we can start working as soon as possible. You can dig up more information about this here if you’re interested.


Have a goal and know which people or market (target) you are talking to.


Be concise. The average attention span on the internet is getting shorter each year. You should be able to capture attention and explain the main concept in a few seconds, not minutes.


Tell a Story, no matter how short your video is. Remember, brains love to watch stories more than anything else.


Include a Call To Action. Always try to inspire your audience to connect with you, or drive them to make a purchase or complete a specific action.


Let’s get started!

Step 1: If you haven’t already, you need to create an account on Wideo.

Go to, and sign up. Once you activate your account by confirming your email, you’ll have access to a free 7-day trial.

Sign up in Wideo to start making videos


. . .


Step 2: When you enter your account, you’ll be direct to the templates gallery.

Wideo Templates Gallery

Choose a pre-made video template from the gallery. In this case, I will work with the “Generic Business Presentation Video”. Click to preview it, then press “Edit.”


This will open the video editor with your selected template. Now you just need to customize it with your text and images.

Wideo Editor


. . .


Step 3: Go through the scenes you want to edit. Double click on any text to change the default wording to your custom text.

You can also change the font style, color, or size if you need to.


Replace placeholders by clicking on them and then selecting a file from your computer or the editor library, editing the video to suit your brand.


You can also watch this detailed video about how to edit a template.

Find more tutorials here


. . .


Step 4: When you’re done, exit the editor to access your Wideo profile.

Close video editor


Then click the “Share” button to download your video as an MP4 video file in full HD.


You’ll receive the download link via email. Then you can upload your video to your landing page, social networks, blogs, etc.

You can also download your video from inside the editor or from the video preview page (see how)


If you are looking for a cheap, simple method to drive more traffic to your site, now’s the time to create an intro video with Wideo.

Including video in a landing page can increase conversion by 80% (EyeView).

You could be selling 80% more just by editing a video template with the 4 easy steps I’ve mentioned.

“The human eye is much more likely to stop on a piece of video content too”


Have you had success using video as a conversion driver? What was the most effective video you’ve used for your online marketing strategy?



Agus Esperón Co Founder & Head of UX/Design @agustinesperon


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