Producing a video is no small feat. Not only do you have to define the video aesthetic, your message needs to be clear and the delivery has to be impressive. Once you’ve perfected your video, you will have to distribute using the most effective channels for business.

Here is our list of essential sharing channels for your marketing video, and tips for how you can use them.


Despite the dominance of social media platforms in content marketing, your website is still a crucial channel for showing your company personality and communicating your ideas. Here’s where video can help you reach those business goals:

  • On your homepage background as a looped video
  • On landing pages for products/services
  • On your company blog


Facebook’s algorithm puts a lot of value in video content. Videos has great potential to be discovered organically by audiences far and wide.

Pro tip: Facebook videos autoplay without sound, so make sure you add subtitles to your video. More Facebook video tips.


Instagram is all about impressing people with your most creative and visual content. Make sure you optimize your captions and hashtags for maximum exposure.

Pro tip: Try creating a short teaser of your video and posting it with a link to the full version. Here are some Instagram video best practices to follow.


Upload your video to YouTube and featured it on your channel home. If you have a series of videos, you can also add them to their own playlist.

Pro tip: Don’t forget the call to action! At the end of a video, you can prompt people to visit your website or watch your other videos. Read more about optimizing for YouTube here.


Why Twitter video? The Twitter audience may prove to be the ideal audience for your video content. In fact, 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter.

Pro tip: In a study, 41% of users think Twitter is a great place for discovering video. This means that there’s a big chance many viewers will be discovering your brand for the first time. Make sure your videos are branded so people can find you and remember who you are.

Events & presentations

Although presentations are not digital platform, incorporating video into any live event—whether it’s a one-on-one meeting or a booth at a conference—is a creative way to catch the attention of your audience.

Pro tip: Instead of using your standard logo animation to play on repeat at a conference booth or trade show, try creating a different version of the design that matches the theme of the event. 

Email communication

Email newsletters are not the only uses for video in email. Try linking to your video in your email signature, too. (Especially if you’re a client-facing employee.) Here’s how to do it.

Online communities and groups

Are you active in a LinkedIn group? Contribute to the conversation by sharing your video on a relevant topic.


  • Facebook ad campaigns
  • YouTube pre-roll ads


Do you have questions or suggestions for sharing marketing videos online? Share them with us below.

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