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Creating an animated video to promote your product is a big step, but more importantly, it’s making sure that it will be effective and help you improve your online conversion rates.


That’s why it’s vital that before you embed it on your website, share it on social media, or send it to your contacts, to keep in mind what the must haves are for your new wideo.


1. Does it have a Killer Ninja Intro?

On average, a person watches between 5 and 10 videos per day on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


Your animated video is competing against countless other videos and daily distractions, making the first three seconds crucial to grabbing the viewer’s waning attention span.


Make sure your video starts up with an explosive and impressive animation effect. Remember what images or videos you’ve seen that instantly caught your eye to understand how those effects worked.


Here’s an example of an intro logo you can use for your videos.

Find more intro video templates here

2. Does it have an Audio or Voice Track?

Although it is not mandatory for your animated video to include a voice over, it will always create an impact and help you cut back on textual information in the video.

That gives you more space and time to focus on your product’s images.


If you don’t have a professional voice actor at hand, you can use relatively accessible services such as Voice Bunny, or record your own voice over with any standard app on a mobile device.

As we mentioned previously on the Wideo blog, these days you can get pretty good results.


In terms of music (always include music in your videos), your soundtrack choice should complement the rhythm of the video, be it easy-going, fast-paced, or emotive.

Keep in mind that an appropriate soundtrack style can enhance your video by 50%, whereas a bad choice can really distract viewers and tarnish your overall aim to create engagement.


Wideo has a varied and bountiful audio library. You have more access to soundtracks the higher your plan is.


3. Does your Grandma Understand it?

Even if your video’s message doesn’t have to be complex, it does have to be clear.

A lot of times, we watch videos or ads that are really amusing and memorable, but at the end of the day we can’t remember what they were selling or which brand launched the clever campaign.


Make sure that what you want to convey is 100% clear.

Test it with co-workers, friends, or consultants and then make iterations based on the most relevant feedback that you receive.


This process may take up more time overall, but is quite straightforward: ask them what they understood after watching the video.

The message can be as simple as “I’d like to sell you a fridge” – it just needs to be direct and to the point.


4. Does it Entertain in 60 seconds or less?

Remember, this is a video, the most powerful, marketable and consumed tool on the planet. It’s not a powerpoint presentation.

But we always have to strive to engage an audience.


You can use our automated animations (In and Out Effects) to easily give your objects an opening and exit movement, and also add automatic transitions in between scenes.


Important detail to not bore them: On average, people lose their attention span after the 40 second mark in a video. Try to keep your videos up to 1 minute long.


If you can check these items off your list, you should be ready to go.

I hope these tips are useful to improve your wideos and ultimately your business as well.

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