Brand new, easy to use iPhone and Ipod app video templates!

The app market has never been more competitive. New products enter app stores every day and unleashing your creation into such a competitive battlefield can seem like a daunting prospect. You may have a great app, but how are you going to get it noticed out there?

To help you on your way, we’ve compiled the most crucial aspects of a promotional campaign for you to take on board when getting your app off the ground. Following these steps will give your app the platform it deserves and ultimately help those download figures head in the right direction.

Here’s our 5 hacks to creating a professional iPhone app video.

1. Create a demo video using our easy to edit app templates! 

It’s far easier to seduce punters with an eye-catching video than it is with your own words, so get creating and show your app in action.

Wideo’s brand new app templates make this a far simpler task than you’d imagine. Simply upload some screen grabs from your app into the fantastic video sequences below to have a polished demo video in minutes.

You can do it for iPhone:

And iPad too:

2. Submit for review

What’s the first thing most of us do before considering a download or a purchase? We look for reviews. Reviews give products credibility and this is crucial in the hyper-competitive app market when you need to stand out from the pack.

So email out a short, punchy pitch to all the relevant publications, freelancers and bloggers you can find – including a free download for your app of course. Just a few citations online will hugely increase the visibility of your app

3. Use a freemium model

The freemium model – where the initial app download is free but users are charged if they want a more extensive version – can be highly effective. The offer of a free download means users have nothing to lose by trying out your app and a large user base can be built up swiftly.

Thereon, the incentive of unlocking more features and perks will help generate a wave of paid subscribers which of course means more money for your work. Don’t be too gung-ho with aggressive pricing for the outset; embrace a trial system and make the initial sign-up as appealing as it can be.

4. Nail your target audience

When you’re raising awareness about your app, make sure your target audience is clearly defined in your pitch. With the absolute plethora of apps out on the market you need to be hitting a particular segment of users head on to gain credibility – something that is particularly relevant for business apps.

As startup expert Heather Ann Carson comments on, “For B2B you have to really narrow down your target audience as much as possible, and turn that audience into loyal followers who will spread the word about your app to other businesses.”

5. Offer giveaway’s and coupons

As we’ve touched upon already, incentives can be crucial to generating the all important user community, so spice up the appeal some more with coupons and giveaways.

Why not run quiz competitions on your social media channels? Winners could win free app downloads for them and their friends as well as other promotional items you might have – think t-shirts, bags and phone/tablet cases. The effect of these promotions is multiple, as not only does your user base increase, but your brand is enhanced too, with users becoming familiar with the app’s identity and the people behind it. Perfect promotion.

Get your promotional campaign going my creating your own app promo video!

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