Every company wants to standout from the competition

The main goal when creating a website is to increase the cash flow, engage visitors and grab attention. A Little Animation can get the work done! Animation captivates the viewer’s attention plus there is no limitation in creativity with animation. Making a video for your Homepage can be an exciting way of delivering that information.

Here are 4 Reasons To Have A Video In Your Homepage.

Attractive things work better

Studies show that emotions play an important role in the users’ experience. If a website has a friendly visual design, users are more comfortable, tend to find the website more credible and easier to use. A positive first impression – usually based on looks rather than interaction – establishes the value of the website on the user’s behalf. A visually engaging animated video is a brilliant way to present your company and take user experience to a much more interactive level. For this reason, elegant, creative and professional animated videos are becoming increasingly popular in Web design today.

User Engagement:

Animated videos are a dynamic medium that uses motion to tell a story or make an impact in some way. Videos automatically Grab attention and compels visitors to want to see and hear the entire story. Therefore, visitors will be induced to stay longer thus increasing the user engagement of your website. The impact of videos can be easily verified. A normal visitor will last an average of 8 minutes in your website. With the right script, you can maintain the attention of your visitors for at least 15 minutes. Unbounce.com suggests that Approximately 30% of page visitors see your introductory video and 50% those viewers watch the video in its entirety.” Another added value of adding video is that sites that actually had an introductory video on their homepage saw a 10% increase in their conversion rates.

Introducing your company

About us sections are so 2008! However delivering your company info while keeping visitors engage and having a clean design can be challenging! While too much information can injure you user UX and aesthetics, lacking information can spoil your business before you’ve even got near the negotiation table. Informative video presentation will attract potential clients, partners and investors. An introduction video allows you to communicate to your visitors what is like to work with you and a great way to show this is through your personality. Videos can help you set the tone for your brand.

Show them the way!

Sometimes, even if we have a great UX design visitors get lost after landing in your homepage. Not knowing where to go they feel uneasy and leave the site before getting to know your product. With your video, you can provide each visitor with some sense of direction. Animated videos come in handy when showing how your product works or when mentioning how your service can bring them results. They will want to learn more about your company, product or service. Summing up: Adding clever, interesting animated videos is one of the best ways for you to compel your viewers to stay, absorb, and pass your message to friends. If you use Animated videos correctly your company or service will grow. And when this happens, the revenue takes care of itself. Anyone can use make animated-videos with Wideo, so what are you waiting for? Get creating!

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