In the past years, we’ve witnessed a phenomenal rise in social network activity. With the popularization of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s no surprise for why businesses are jumping on the online marketing bandwagon!


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People from all parts of the globe have become so accustomed to social networking that it’s become part of our everyday lives. No matter where you are from, within seconds, you can get in touch with someone across the globe.

Think about it… by the time you finish reading this sentence, how many videos do you think have already been posted online? It’s a no-brainer why video marketing is now the new ‘in thing’ for any business – marketing has never been so easy!

But with so much going on in the Internet, it’s hard to pinpoint which trends to look out for. Lucky for you, this article will list the 12 video marketing trends to look out for in the year 2018!


1 Live Video/Live Streaming 

As is evident in recent years, live streaming has become widely popularized and accessible on most social media platforms.

Since its introduction, networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have adopted the live video feature and have profited greatly from it.

Users have become more open to the concept and there’s no reason for it to go away anytime soon – people love it!

As it continues to remain trending, marketers can utilize the feature for a variety of reasons.

  1. Users are attracted to the spontaneous and authentic aspect of the live streaming feature
  2. Live video increases the average duration of views
  3. It is cost-effective, as it doesn’t require extra costs for editing and permanently stays on the platform once posted


 2 Cost Reduction

With the wide variety of high-quality video editing tools available online, like Wideo, you can edit your videos with little to no cost at all!

Using various appliances like your laptop or smartphone, you can edit your videos in a matter of seconds to improve your brand image.

Additionally, because of its popularization, you can hire online video editing freelancers online for cheap!


3 Brand authenticity

Not only do they bring you a wider following, videos can increase the users’ confidence in your brand. 

Brand authenticity at its core is founded on cohesiveness across all your visual communication. From your website to your social media channels, your branding must be on point. For example, integrating your logo and watermark within your video marketing is essential. Video hosting platforms like Cincopa offers you a wide variety of customizable features to reinforce your brand identity.

Especially with live streaming videos, audiences gain a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. This enhances the user experience while increasing the chance of customer loyalty!


360-Degree Videos

Although this feature has been popularized very recently, there is no reason for it to drop trending status.

Since its introduction, users have jumped on the bandwagon and have adopted tools to post 360-degree videos. It’s new, cool, trending, and now even more accessible!

With over 86% of businesses already adopting the feature, this new technology is sure to invite more curious eyes.


Virtual Reality Videos

Since its introduction, users have constantly been keeping tabs on the technology.

The number of virtual reality videos posted has drastically increased in the past few years and have been forecasted to gain 171 million active users by the year 2018.

Its futuristic aspect is its main selling point and with its increasing accessibility, it is bound to attract more audiences!


E-Learning and Promotional Videos

As a part of the marketing process, businesses may need to educate the public about their new revolutionary products.

Video marketing helps facilitate this process by making it easier for them to give a breakdown of their products in a short span of time.

Within a few minutes, you can educate thousands of viewers about an unheard product and gain their interests!


Video-Focused Platforms

As videos become more and more part of our daily routines, it is obvious that video-posting platforms will gain larger followings.

Platforms like YouTube and Instagram are bound to become major sites for businesses to market their products – we can even see it now!


Sponsored Videos

There are many opportunities that come with video marketing and this includes sponsorships.

With more users becoming more accustomed to videos on their live feeds, more brands will look towards launching paid advertising campaigns on countless platforms.


Cheap, easy, and accessible

Users have become more aware of the video-sharing feature and want to join in on the fun.

Social media networks are expected to provide users with the ability to share their content online – free of charge!

This would make it even easier for businesses to market their products.


10 Square-Shaped Video Formatting

As platforms like Facebook and Instagram gain more active users, more smartphones are being used as the primary source for video posting.

As a result, the trend of square-shaped video formats have become popularized and it is expected to continue being a part of pop-culture.


11 Video Mapping

With the expected introduction of the revolutionary 3-D projection feature, video mapping can be expected to become an up-and-coming trend.

Businesses like Coca-Cola and Walt Disney have already adopted the experimental feature.

Although it is still in the experimental phase, the introduction of 3-D projection will definitely bring in a large crowd!


12 Vlogging

As live streaming videos become more and more welcoming, vlogging will become a user-friendlier trend.

It invites para-social interaction and can easily be adopted by various brands to bring in a deeper following!


AgNancy Grace

Social Media Strategist & Content Manager @ iDigicus



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