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Reduce the bounce rate of your blog posts and increase engagement on social networks in 3 simple steps

Select the video template that best suits your blog post or brand content.

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Click on the “create” button and your video will be magically created with this Blog to Video Converter!

After the video is created you can make manual adjustments like changing colors, adding more scenes, and replacing images or footage.

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Why blog to video?

One of the main challenges that content writers face is the fact that it’s difficult to capture an audience’s attention and to reduce bounce rates.

A blog post can be very well written and its content can be very interesting, but a large part of the audience still might not read it. So, with a video summary of the post, you can get the attention of an audience who otherwise wouldn’t read it.

On the other hand, if you are looking to drive traffic from social networks to your blog, there is nothing more effective than doing it with videos.








Create summaries of your blog posts with our blog to video tool in formats you can share on social networks

People love videos, and social media stories are increasingly becoming full of videos.
That is why we believe that in order to make a successful distribution of your blog posts on social networks, it is necessary to create an attractive summary video, adapted to different formats.

hr videos - remote working

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