Create animated videos

and presentations

in minutes


(No credit card required)

No video or editing skills needed. Wideo makes content creation stress-free and easy.

How it works

Wideo uses templates to help you create professional videos for marketing, internal communications, social media and more. (Think: Squarespace or Minted, but for videos)

Wideo offers hundreds to ensure you find exactly what you need.

Drag-and-drop graphics or choose from thousands of stock footage from our FREE video library.

Export an MP4 or share directly to Facebook and Youtube.

Why thousands of clients around the world choose Wideo

With Wideo my agency can create and sell videos for clients. Now we make more money with no additional expenses.

Luciano Menéndez
Owner at VivarStudio

"We've increased our Apple Store and Google Play Download CTR With the video we've created with Wideo"

Hernan Botbol
Founder of PricePulse & Taringa

"With the help of Wideo, we can easily create professional video ads for our advertisers in minutes."

Katherin Torres & Ulises Moreno
Self Service Sales Managers

"Wideo is significantly better and more powerful than other video tools! Keyframes are a revelation. I love the templates.

Matthew Wong
Driving Market Innovation

Wideo makes it easy for anyone to create a video

Here’s how our customers are using our video templates 


Share your business’ most relevant news and metrics with your company using engaging, easy-to-make videos. 


Gain your customers’ trust by showing how your app works with our ready-to-use demo template.


Promote your business with an explainer video, introducing the problem and how to solve it in less than 45 seconds.

Easily Create Animated Videos

More than 50% of marketers are already using animations to tell their stories.
Wideo lets you harness this trend at an affordable price.

Professional Results In Minutes

Spending 20 hours creating a video or thousands of dollars hiring an agency is a thing of the past!
With Wideo, you can choose a template and finish your video in 5 minutes — no experience necessary.

Not Just Animation: Add Video Files!

Upload your own videos or select from thousands of professional stock videos in our FREE library.

Share And Download Your Videos in MP4 with one click

When your video is perfect you can share it directly to Facebook or YouTube, and download it as an MP4 for future use.

Wideo is the ideal solution for your video marketing strategy. Try it for free.

How much does video editing cost?

The cost of editing a video can be free and it can also go as high as one can imagine! With Wideo you can edit your videos for free or for a very minimal cost.

What is the best video maker for beginners?

The best simple video maker completely depends upon the skill level and the knowledge you have regarding video editing. If you are just a beginner, Wideo is your best option because of its all-in-one animation maker that requires no editing skills at all.

Why use a video maker with templates?

The main benefits of using video templates are many! It’s faster than without them, easy, fun, affordable and you can choose between hundreds of professional ready-to-use templates.

How to add text to video?

Simply open the Wideo editor. Upload your video or choose a video template. Add text to the video with the editor’s drag-and-drop tool. Customize it and animate it in just one click.