Popular Types of YouTube Video For Your Marketing Strategy

When creating YouTube video for your online strategy, it’s important to make content that is most relevant to your audience’s habits and needs. YouTube is a platform where people go to find and discover information. Creating the right types of video not only increases your chances of appearing in search results but also encourages engagement among subscribers.

What kind of YouTube videos should you focus on as a business? Here’s a quick breakdown.

Product reviews video

Product review videos are one of the most-searched videos on YouTube, proving that YouTube don’t just inform consumer decisions: they influence them. According to a survey from Think With Google, 68% of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision.

What to do

Try reaching out to an influencer and asking them to provide feedback on a product or service. In order to maximize exposure, choose influencers that create videos related to your industry and have strong followings that also belong in your target audience.

How-to videos

Are you a retailer, beauty, lifestyle, tech, automotive or travel brand? The how-to video category garners millions of views each year and is becoming increasingly popular; Think with Google reports that searches related to “how to” on YouTube are growing 70% year over year.

What to do

How can you find success with how-to YouTube videos if you’re a marketer? Identify the help topics your audience is searching and create content that addresses them. Don’t forget to SEO optimize your video descriptions, titles, and calls to action to help people find the content. Measure video impact to learn how you can continue optimizing video strategy.

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Educational video series

Instead of posting a one-off tutorial, consider creating a video series tied together by a common theme. This helps build anticipation with your subscribers.

What to do

When defining the topics of a video series, try creating videos that are relevant to a certain stage of the customer journey. Are you looking to appeal to a broad audience? Or are you looking to convert interested buyers? Use a clear call to action whether you’re directing people to a subscribe button or a landing page. And don’t just limit your content to YouTube—promote the videos in your website, email newsletters, and other social platforms.

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How do you use YouTube video for your marketing strategy? Tell us in the comments below!

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