How to make a Perfect Kickstarter explainer video

As you know, Kickstarter is the online community platform that enables public users to donate money to support the funding of a particular project or event. Amongst the thousands of campaigns pleading their case, how would your Kickstarter stand out from the rest?  The answer: with an animated explainer video!

Kickstarter has publicly stated that only 33% of Kickstarter campaigns are successful without explainer videos and that 66% of campaigns with online video reach their project’s goal. See where we are going with this! an explainer video of your product is a vital component of a successful Kickstarter campaign. But, as you know, any old video won’t generate results, so how are you going to make video actionable?

Well, here are some expert suggestions on how to make a perfect Kickstarter explainer video online.

CREATE A STORYLINE: Creating a fun and informative explainer video is difficult, especially if you have never made a video before. But, before you even begin the video making process, you must create a storyline. This is the brainstorm that should determine, the content of the video, what the overall message is,  and the how you want to share your story. Most storylines are drawn out scene by scene, and once you have the story organized on paper, then all you need to do is bring your story to life, with your own animated video!

CREATE A TONE OF YOUR CAMPAIGN:  Setting the tone of a campaign means figuring out the personality of the explainer video. Whether you choose to be humorous or serious, you must be aware that your message remains genuine and sincere. Remember that the tone is how you want to appeal to your public audience; if you are unsure on the best angle to communicate your project, then make a few different scripts and test them on your family and friends.

CALL TO ACTION: You need to clearly and simply sell the message. Regardless of the storyline, your overall message must tell the user what they need to do to help you.


  • Don’t worry about not having the best quality video, because a fancy video is counterproductive to your goal – unless your goal is for best quality videos.

  • Don’t worry if you don’t know how to animate yet, we have a youtube channel dedicated especially for wideo tutorials and tips, so that you can get familiar with the tool and how to use it best.

  • To make a perfect Kickstarter explainer video, or any online video in that matter, you must have a clear, emotional and organized story.

In the end, it’s not the video that will bring you the result, it’s the story.  Video just brings it to life. As always, if you have any video questions or needs, email us at, we would love to help you on your next explainer video.

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2 responses to “How to make a Perfect Kickstarter explainer video”

  1. Delores Lyon says:

    Thanks for sharing this advice on making a good kickstarter video for your project. I think that making a timeline is a great way to start your video production and planning. It’s also nice that you gave us a link to an animating guide– those little animations can really help spruce up the video. However, I’ll also be sure to keep in mind that I don’t need to make the video super fancy!

  2. Mrwideo 1 says:

    Thank you Delores – have you tried out Wideo yet to create your video? You can send any questions on animating our way.

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