Good Ways to Increase Conversions for Your Landing Page Video

Successful landing pages share many of the same ingredients. A careful blend of clear call to action, sense of urgency, trust signals, and relevant visuals and copy hold great influence over how long people stick around your website.

Video encompasses all these elements; when done right, it can increase your landing page conversions and overall engagement.

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How to Use Personalized Video to Win Customers Throughout the SaaS Sales Funnel

With video content and especially personalized video, timing is crucial for getting people to watch and take action. However, identifying these customer moments is not always clear-cut. Even the distance between the top of the funnel and the middle of the funnel is full of steps that can lead to the next one—or lead people out of your marketing funnel completely.

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5 Steps to Using Personalized Video in SaaS Email Campaigns

Just like social media is central to video strategy, email marketing is central to distribution of personalized videos.

Melding the experience of receiving an email addressed to you personally with that of watching a video that speaks to you directly will distinguish your startup SaaS company in the minds of prospective customers. Personalized video is impactful because it speaks to one instead of many.

So what steps do you have to take to use personalization technology in your email campaigns? Here is a brief overview.

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Personalized Marketing Video Best Practices for Start-Ups

How do you know your personalized video has all the ingredients of an engaging experience that will inspire people to become customers?

We’ve rounded up the best practices of marketing videos designed to drive leads and take your business to the next level. Follow the links below each practice for resources on how to implement them.

What is personalized video?

Personalized video uses data such as name, email, and images to send video communication that has been customized to the viewer and their needs. The idea behind personalized video is to capture people’s attention at the right moment in their customer journey with the right content. For start-ups, this creates many opportunities for getting ahead of the competition.

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Personalized Video: 4 Ways to Wow Your Audience

If your business is doing video marketing, then personalized video can be a strong asset for achieving your goals during every step of the customer journey.

What is personalized video and how does it differ from traditional video? And how do you know what moments your business should capitalize on with personalization technology? Here are some ideas.

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